Time for Spring Clenning

If the spring air is making you feel adventurous go with it and try it at home. Spring has never been a better time to clean your home. After winter your carpets probably look filthy and greasy. Does your hallway or stairs contain soils and stains after you brought them under your shoes during the…


Winter vomiting bug warning

As Yahoo News informed: “Health officials have issued warnings about the serious threat posed by Norovirus as the winter diarrhoea and vomiting bug forced the closure of hospital beds”.
Our company uses Bio Cleaner as a pre-spray to clean carpets and upholstery, which eliminates the Norovirus and leaves the carpets clean and safe.

Golden Autumn has arrived

The tree crowns are changing into beautiful golden, red and yellow colours giving us the first signs that the Winter holidays will soon be up on us. Most of us will be busy preparing for the upcoming festive season. Like every year at this time we are very busy and often during this period we have no free…


Summer is here!

Summer has arrived, great weather to clean your carpet and upholstery! The moisture will vaporise from the carpet and upholstery three times quicker than in other season so they will be ready to use within one hour. It does of course depend on what material was used to produce it, but it will dry very quickly! Wouldn’t it be…